Nur Hayyatt Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
Nur Hayyatt means the "Light of Life", or the "Light of Living", and we want your visit and stay in Langkawi to be full of lights hence bringing unforgettable living memories with you.

We serve all your need:
  • Car Rental - from a small car to a big MPV
  • Accommodation - from a camping tent to a luxury hotel
  • Meal - from your breakfast to your supper
  • Travel - from driving on the road to cruising the sea
  • Challenge - from ATV Motor ride to parasailing and cable car ride
  • Relaxing - from around the beach to a private beach or park
  • Island Drops - from a big island of Langkawi to any of the 99 small islands of Langkawi

You name it, we will help you to the best of our ability depending on your budget.

Call or Text/Whatsapp :
(Nur Hayyatt)
+60177803975 (Ros)
+6017 637 3160 (Nor)
+6012 442 3571 (Za)